Frequently Asked Questions


Charter FAQ's

  1. What kind of liability insurance coverage does Great Canadian have?

    Although $8 Million is the minimum liability insurance requirement for a carrier, as a responsible carrier, Great Canadian holds $10 Million in liability insurance.

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  2. Safety?

    At Great Canadian we pride ourselves on our safe driving record. All of our drivers are strictly screened to ensure that we put your safety in only the best hands. Our driver trainer Mike Stumpf evaluates each driver meticulously prior to allowing them behind the wheel of one of our coaches. As well, our operations staff is constantly monitoring driver performance.

    It is the mandate at Great Canadian that we will not allow our drivers to perform any service that is not safe.

    In addition, all of our drivers are enrolled in a drug and alcohol testing program.

    Some Do's and Don'ts for motor coach safety:

    • Always use the hand rails when exiting and entering the coach
    • Always use the hand rails when moving through the passenger compartment
    • Do not hold onto the headrest
    • Do not move in the passenger compartment while traveling down congested highways or city streets
    • Always check to make sure you have not left anything behind
    • Always be prepared with the proper identification to cross the border

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  3. What are Great Canadian's Licences and Associations?

    As a quality operator, Great Canadian feels that it is essential to be properly licensed and registered. To that end, we hold an active Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration issued by the Ontario Highway Transport Board.  We also hold an Operating Authority with the US Department of Transportation.

    Our motor coaches are licensed to travel within all of Canada and the United States.

    In order to obtain up to date industry relative information, we are proud members of the following organizations: Trailways OMCA UMA ABA

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  4. Maintenance?

    Our team of dedicated garage personnel work around the clock to ensure that our coaches meet and exceed our customer's expectations. Each of our coaches is inspected twice a year as required by the Ministry of Transportation. In addition, our mechanics regularly service the coaches to ensure that on the road failures are minimized. As with any vehicle, unpredictable problems can occur. When that happens, our network of business partners is ready, willing, and able to assist.

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  5. Vehicle Amenities?

    Each of our coaches is equipped with a variety of features for your comfort. All coaches are equipped with DVD players.

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  6. Washroom on Board?

    There is a washroom located at the rear of the coach for your convenience. Your driver will make regular comfort stops. There is no running water in the coach, but a sanitizer is located in a container on the wall.

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  7. Food on Board?

    You are more than welcome to bring snack items on board the motorcoach. For sanitary reasons, we do not allow the following food items:

    • Dairy products - such as ice cream, yoghurt, etc.
    • Cheesies or other messy chips

    Your driver has garbage bags on board the coach and will ask the assistance of the tour organizer to assist in collecting the garbage on a regular basis.

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  8. Medications on Board?

    All medication should be kept in your hand luggage on board the coach. When crossing the border keep all medicines in their original containers. Diabetics should always carry something to eat in the event that the coach is delayed.

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  9. Valuables on Board?

    We suggest that family heirlooms and other items of great value should be left at home or at least carried on your person. They should not be carried in your luggage, or otherwise left unattended.

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  10. Smoking and Alcohol on Board?

    Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the coach.

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  11. Cellular Phones?

    All of our coaches are equipped with cellular phones for emergencies. Our company policy is such that a driver is not allowed to answer the phone while the coach is in motion. For this reason, we will not provide the direct phone number for one of the coaches.

    Our dispatch office is open from Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. to answer any questions or queries that you may have. After those hours and on weekends and holidays, please follow the voice prompt on the phone system to reach our on call emergency attendant. Please note, these calls should be limited to emergencies only.

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  12. Driver Gratuities?

    It is customary to show appreciation to your driver at the end of the trip. Because we are asked so often what an appropriate amount is for drivers' gratuities, we are giving you the suggested guidelines of $2.00-$3.00 per day per person. Tipping, of course, is at your discretion, and should reflect the level of service you received.

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  13. Crossing the Border?

    For motor coach trips into the U.S., proof of citizenship is required, along with government issued photo identification. A Canadian passport is your best form of identification when traveling outside of Canada.

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  14. Travelling with unaccompanied minors?

    Travelling with minors across the border or even within Canada can be challenging.  In order to provide these travellers with assistance, one person within your group should be made responsible for their well being. This should include a written letter of permission for the unaccompanied minor to travel with you. Be specific in the letter as to dates and locations for travel. The letter should also include instructions for medical emergencies.

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  15. Itineraries?

    A professional driver is an informed driver. Please provide us with clear details on your exact departure point, itinerary and destination at least two weeks prior to departure. This allows us the opportunity to review the itinerary for Hours of Service violations and to provide the driver enough time to research his/her trip.

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